How To Combine Kabbalah With University Studies, Christian Belief And Virtual Study

laitman_2009-03_7958Questions I received about desires, virtual study and Christian beliefs:

Question: I am only twenty six years old. I am studying at a university in Berlin and I am under a lot of pressure. Recently I started noticing that my desires are starting to disappear. Sometimes I am not interested in anything at all. How do you explain these feelings?

My Answer: Many people develop this attitude to life. I have a simple piece of advice for you: split yourself in two parts – one part studies at the university, and the other studies Kabbalah in your free time. Don’t be influences by your moods and your desires, but only by rational thinking. And if you cannot manage it, then stop studying Kabbalah. You’ll be able to resume at a later time.

Question: I’ve been reading your blog for about a year. I live far away and I can only study virtually, and I cannot afford the trips to the Congresses. Is it enough to study Kabbalah through the computer?

My Answer: Yes!

Question: My brothers, who was brought up in a Christian environment, believes in the Christian Messiah, and he is trying to get me to go back to Christianity as well. I understand his motives since I was brought up in Christianity myself and used to think this way too. I don’t want to argue with him, since these arguments lead to nowhere, but I feel like I have to say something in response.

My Answer: Kabbalah is not against faith – you can believe in whatever you wish. Kabbalah is a science about the part of the world that is presently concealed from us. It becomes revealed as a person comes out of his egoistic thoughts about himself and develops altruistic thoughts about others. That’s all there is to it. Is that contrary to Christianity or any other religion?

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  1. As the creator is bestowal and love and we have to reveal that we are One – like the creator – how can we constantly upheld bestowal and love if the incoming light depicts inside “the reality” like we are aware of it? What do we need to do to get the right “reality” inside and to progress to bestowal and love without suffering? (I know suffering is for correction-but how to behave correctly to get not trapped?) Nobody should suffer and the constant factor bestowal = love = creator=unity should come revealed in its plenitude – how can we reveal it to our “inner reality”? Getting the living Thora, why is “time” still a factor I can’t lay off – what is wrong in my behaviour towards the group – what do I need to correct? Thank you for all your efforts

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