Any Excess We Consume Is Harmful

what20will20help20us20along20the20wayEverything on the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of nature exists in balance, because they consume only as much as they need to exist. However, human nature is different. A person is willing to consume the entire world just to feel the slightest pleasure, even if he doesn’t need that pleasure in order to exist. By acting this way, we upset all of Nature’s balance.

Man is the only unbalanced element in all of Nature. People take much more than they need from Nature, and this is unhealthy for us as well, because any excess we consume is harmful. But moreover, by disturbing our balance with the entire system of Nature, we cause a crisis in all of Nature. This means that we are the only ones causing all the hurricanes, tsunamis, and global warming, by taking more than we need from Nature.

It is not the amount we take that is important, but whether we take it out of a true necessity. If we needed more resources from Nature in order to survive, then we would be able to take even more than we presently do without causing any imbalance in Nature, because we would be consuming out of a true need. We should use everything we receive from Nature in order to preserve balance and to let every person maintain a normal, generally-accepted lifestyle.

However, each of us wants more than the necessary, and this is why we disrupt the balance with Nature. Nature’s levels are structured as a pyramid, and the next blow that will come at us will happen on the inanimate level, rather than the animate or vegetative levels. We should watch out for ecological problems and blows on the still level of the pyramid (fire, air, water, and soil).

However, there is a way to avert these blows: as soon as we begin to consume only as much as we need to survive, we will bring the whole pyramid into balance. Everything will normalize, and we will receive a positive response from all parts of Nature.

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  1. under the subject ” ANY EXCESS WE CONSUME IS HARMFUL” RAV’S Blog
    Hello from Toronto, I understand very fully of what Rav is speaking about – the excessive comsuming of “anything” is harmful to our world. Well, my burning question is: (being a woman) and we are more vain I hear – what is the parameter of “normal consumption” ? Will me going to get my hair done regularly at the beauty shop excessive, what about all the beauty products that women consume – of course the clothes, the accessories, the jewelry, etc. etc. the shoes – should we have only 2 pairs of shoes? I fully understand the excessive consuming of food leads to bad health – that one I get. Anna

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