A Lesson For Everyone Who Has Bad Luck

analysis-of-the-crisis2Egoism has reached its maximum development on the individual level, and the individual egoisms have started to bond. This is why people have begun to reveal their interconnection and interdependence. Here is a lesson for everyone who has bad luck: if your desires and thoughts are aimed at the common good, then you will succeed at everything you do.

The recipe for success is to do everything you can to bestow upon others. This means that you only keep what’s necessary for you to have a normal life. For a business, “working to bestow” means that the only revenue it makes is the amount necessary to cover its expenses This is how people should set the retail price of goods and services. No one should make a profit that just “sits there” in their bank account.

This approach is completely opposite to what is happening today. However, by the end of the crisis, everyone will shift to this system. Not a single business will be able to operate differently.

This is because everything that one receives in excess of what is necessary for him, is a violation of his balance with nature. In order to be in balance, a person should consume as much as he needs in order to exist, the same as any other animal. The suffering people feel and Kabbalah’s explanation of the cause of the suffering will help people to understand that best way to exist is to serve others, in the same way as cells, organs, and body parts do.

One way or another, Nature (the Creator) will prevail. This can either happen forcefully – through suffering on our part, or voluntarily, with understanding, because people will realize that they have to obey Nature and its law of harmony.

As soon as we begin to cooperate with Nature, It will begin to treat us differently and our condition will change. We will suddenly have enough water, food and all the other things that everyone needs.

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  1. It is assumed that the tax system should remove the excess profits of business. But we see that it is not, in all countries of the world big companies, do business agreements with governments, in order to they are allowed to manage nearly 100% of the profits, instead of paying taxes and that these are distributed among the population. Is the current tax system like the unripe fruit that after the final correction reach its full goodness?

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