Why Now Is The Time To Implement The Principle, “Love Your Neighbor”

connectA letter I received from my student, Michael Chernikovsky, about the present state of humanity:

I finally got Kabbalah’s general idea:

1. The difference between man and animals is man’s ability to absorb desires from the society around him. These desires become his, and he in turn transfers his desires to the society.

2. This creates a system with positive feedback, which is initially unstable. In lower-level systems, such as biological ones, this kind of mutual influence does not exist, which is why these systems are stable.

3. Until today, human society was “open.” Therefore, disturbances exited out to the external environment and faded out in it.

4. We have reached a stage where society has become “closed.” Closed systems with positive feedback become chaotic. This is what we see today.

5. However, along with the disease, Nature has given us the medicine. If we begin to exhibit love and care for each other, instead of unrestrained consumption, then the same positive feedback mechanism will stabilize the system, bringing it from chaos to harmony. This is, in fact, the only solution, because any external regulator will become ineffective since desires grow mutually.

6. “Love your neighbor” is not a new idea. From time to time, humanity had tried to build societies based on this principle. But due to the “openness” of society, it was always possible to escape the positive example. Today, however, we have reached a point where we have no place to run. Therefore, this is the time to implement the principle, “love your neighbor.”

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