We Have Gone Through Thousands Of Years Of Suffering To Reach Just One Conclusion

aboveHumanity has existed in this world for many thousands of years, and all the reincarnations we have gone through were necessary in order for us to finally realize just one thing – that the egoistic desire we always strive to satisfy, to which we devote every moment of our lives, reincarnating over and over, can never be fulfilled.

Human beings have been coming closer and closer to this discovery over the course of their lives, from one generation to the next, just to be disappointed every time, to realize, “Every time I pursue something, I enjoy it for a mere second, and then the pleasure fades.” This experience builds up in every person, and in our generation we have reached the conclusion that there is nothing left for us to pursue! This is why people are depressed, there is terrorism, divorce, and general disillusionment. All of this comes from people’s inability to fulfill themselves.

And today we are discovering something else in addition – that we cannot be fulfilled through our connections with each other. The improper connections between us do not allow us to engage in trade or business. In fact, they make it impossible for us to satisfy even our basic material needs. Today the problem is not even a lack of pleasure, but a lack of the essentials necessary for survival, for life. This is where our development has brought us.

All of this forces us to conclude that it is not worthwhile for us to work for the sake of our egoism. It only leads a person to disappointment, in order to make him ask, “What is the meaning of my life?” And if this doesn’t do the job, then greater suffering, such as famine, will help people reach the right conclusion.

In any case, the emptiness a person feels inside his desire to receive pleasure is the initial point from which he can begin his spiritual development.

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