The Death Of The Firstborns Is Symbolic Of The Last Step To Freedom

dont-fighy-egoism-aloneTwo questions I received about the spiritual meaning of the exodus from Egypt:

Question: Why was the last Egyptian plague – the death of the firstborns?

My Answer: The firstborn is the head of the previous degree. By going through this plague, we disconnect from the previous, egoistic degree of our life in Egypt. This plague afflicts all the firstborns, which means that we destroy everything that connects us to Egypt – all of our egoistic desires, intentions, decisions and plans, including President Obama’s, President Putin’s, the World Bank’s and anyone else’s new economic programs. This is called the death of the firstborns – when, on the highest level, I reject everything I did and thought before and admit that these were all silly actions, incapable of doing any good. That is when a person is ready to come out of Egypt.

Question: What are the vessels that the Jews stole from the Egyptians?

My Answer: The vessels that we carry out from Egypt are despair and emptiness – we recognize that we are unable to fulfill them. What do we come out of Egypt with? We come out with our desire to receive pleasure.

However, we know that the former egoistic method cannot fulfill that desire. And using the same old Kelim, we come to the intention for the sake of bestowal. We only change the method of the desire’s fulfillment. We begin to understand that by bestowing, we can fulfill our desire to receive pleasure, while by receiving, we leave it empty.

When a person crosses the Machsom, this is called the exodus from Egypt. This is when the old method through which he tried to be fulfilled, dies. And the person desires its death – he wants to kill his egoistic desire, because he recognizes that this method of fulfillment is completely inadequate, and he does not wish to use it any longer.

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  1. What is the spiritual meaning of the circumcision please?

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