If You Want To Be Corrected, Find Someone To Teach You How

We Are In the Center of All the WorldsA question I received: I don’t understand: who else do I have to take into consideration? I feel that I take everyone into consideration, and I’m good to my neighbors and my parents.

My Answer: I see a lot of people who are like you, but this is not enough! If you aren’t going out to kill and rob your neighbors, to steal from and rape them, and you even water their flower pots, then this doesn’t make you truly “considerate”: you’re only doing this because of your egoism. You’re doing it because you know that by treating each other this way, our lives will be nice and comfortable.

Today Nature requires more than this from us. It wants us to really take care of each other. This is something totally different than what we are doing now. You have to worry about and take care of others as if they were your own children. Obviously, this is against our egoistic nature. Yet, we have to get there! A new law of Nature is being revealed and it obligates us to do this.

Imagine you are sent to a country where this law is enforced. Every time you break this law, you are heavily punished. So what do you do in this case? You have no choice – you have to find someone who will teach you this law, give you an explanation, set an example, and grant you the desire and strength to abide by it. You have to find someone who will influence you, making it easier for you to change. If everyone around you will talk about this, then surely, you will also agree to abide by this law. If they set an example of this, you will also begin acting like them, even if you initially didn’t want to.

A person agrees to anything when he is faced with no choice. This law has dropped down on us from above and we are obliged to accept it.

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