What Will Happen When People Understand The Idea Of Unity

the-cycle-of-ascents-and-descents1When Kabbalah’s idea will come to life, the process will unfold of its own accord; people will simply begin to understand everything and to act accordingly. Everything will advance forward, as if humanity is being sucked into a “spiritual vortex.” The idea of restoring and correcting the single human body, Adam, will slowly become a reality.

Prominent people the world over will begin to talk about this and to take this idea further. They will create various committees and forums, and all the media channels will talk about it. Everyone will see that the world is globally interconnected. The idea will simply come to them and they will know how to use it.

It can happen very quickly: in just one day, people all over the world may awaken. Organizations as big as the UN, UNESCO and the World Bank will accept this idea and begin the process of rearranging their relationships. The financiers, politicians, and G20 leaders will begin to see this clearly, and will come together to discuss it.

The method we always talk about in Kabbalah will surface within them. This will happen simply because we’ve worked on it. And the world will then implement this idea – people will begin to aspire to the Creator in the right way. They will already know how to proceed, and will recognize that the path lies in unity among people. The people will know what to do because they will know how to unite with one another.

As soon as the world will begin to understand and desire this idea, everything in the world will change in an instant. It’s not necessary to take any practical measures, because we are dealing with people’s desires and intentions, which are immediately expressed and realized. When the interpersonal relationships will begin to follow this method, suddenly everything will begin to work. Nature will be kind to people, and everyone will shift to a good, correct and peaceful path of development.

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