Another Sign Of The Crisis: Bedbug Outbreak In The USA

what-will-help-us-along-the-wayIn the News (from ABC News): EPA Holds Bedbug Summit in Arlington The federal government is waking up to what has become a growing nightmare in many parts of the country – a bedbug outbreak. Faced with rising numbers of complaints, the Environmental Protection Agency hosted its first-ever bedbug summit Tuesday.

The EPA, out of concern for the environment and the effects on public health, has pulled many of the chemicals that were most effective in eradicating the bugs from the U.S. over the last 50 years – such as DDT – off of shelves.

My Comment: Kabbalistic texts mention that outbreaks are one of the signs of the crisis. However, the crisis is caused by man’s imbalance with Nature. Nature is interconnected and it requires that people:

1. Consume only as much as necessary for their existence

2. Develop a connection among each other as one body

Failure to fulfill these conditions results in nonconformity and imbalance with Nature, which leads to all sorts of negative consequences. However, all of these are caused by us, by our behavior.

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From Chaos to Harmony: Chapter 10 – “Balance With Nature”

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