How Long Will the Crisis Last?

A question I received: How long will the crisis last?

My Answer: The crisis will continue until people recognize its causes and purposes, and start correcting themselves and the society, bringing it to the correct form as the united, global system that we have become today. There is no way back. We have risen above the level of individual development and have become connected globally. Hence we are obliged to obey the laws of the global system. Today nature is treating us as a single organism, all of whose parts are connected together – and that’s what we have to become. In fact, this is necessary for our survival. However, in the meantime, people do not recognize the true cause of the crisis.

For example:

The Secretary of State of the Vatican: “The cause of financial crisis is the godless economy.”

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko: “The cause of the global credit crisis is the corruption that has infiltrated the highest echelons of government in the Western countries. The global financial crisis will give the ruble a chance to become a worldwide currency.”

World Bank: “The cause of the food crisis lies in the production of biological fuel, which has raised food prices by 75%.”

Bloomberg: “The cause of crisis is the rising oil prices.”

The human rights organization “Freedom House”: “The cause of crisis is the lack of human rights.”

There is no way back. If we try to “split up” – to avoid being so globally dependent, then we will push ourselves toward the emergence of Nazi regimes in the developed countries, and as a result, a nuclear world war!

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