The Source of All the World’s Problems

The Source of All the World's ProblemsQuestions I received on the source of our problems and the way to solve them:

Question: Is the source of all the problems taking place in the world my desire “to receive for myself”?

My Answer: Yes. And this is true for each and every one of us.

Question: Does the solution lie in redirecting this desire so as to use it for the good of the society?

My Answer: Yes. Then it will come back positively for you.

Question: Do I have to develop the desire to bestow?

My Answer: Yes. In fact, this is the only commandment (instruction given by the Creator).

Question: But if I don’t have this desire, how will I know what to develop?

My Answer: From the point in the heart, with the help of the right environment.

Question: I don’t understand: what kind of a connection do I have with the Creator?

My Answer: You’re connected to Him through the spiritual “navel,” and you’ll discover it through connecting with friends.

Question: How can we do something good for those who don’t aspire toward spirituality?

My Answer: Tell them about the cause of the suffering in the world and how to transform it to joy.

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