Why Did I Write About Rav Berg and the Kabbalah Center On This Blog?

Why Did I Write About Rav Berg and the Kabbalah Centre On This Blog?A question I received: Today I read your blog entry where you say that Rav Berg is a failed Kabbalist. Did you really have to say this? It would be so wonderful if all the people who disseminate Kabbalah would stop judging one another. Your comment made me very angry and confused. Every person insists that he is the only one and the greatest one. Until this happened I thought that you were not a part of this game, that you know how to control yourself and don’t give in to the temptation of judging others.

My Answer: I said this so people would differentiate Kabbalah – the study of the primary sources and the works of Baal HaSulam, from the business of selling red strings, interpreting dreams, fortunetelling, meditation, and holy water, which is what Berg’s enterprise does. I hope that what I said will shorten people’s path to the truth – to the authentic Kabbalistic sources.

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  1. I think you were correct in saying what you did, Rav. But this is irrelevant.

    What matters is that through subjecting you to his/her own negative perceptions, the questioner might look for the Creator in the spiritual world, and not in you (or red strings for that matter).

    The Creator is not in the Rav, questioner! Please keep up with your studies and don’t be downhearted.

  2. Who cares Rav Bergs false and should will be exposed in the future…

  3. Professor Laitman, in view of your comments on Rav Berg, I ask you the following questions:

    1) In your opinion what are the primary sources for Kabbalistic study?

    2) This leads me to a thorny question: Who has the correct interpretation of Kabbalah? I concede this is a loaded and somewhat provocative question, but nonetheless essential.

    Artur Silva, Portugal.

  4. I have read many of the rav Bergs books. I must say in comparison Dr. Laitman if kabbalah is supposed to be taught in a complex way then many shall never make their introduction. I am worried that tradition has spoiled the entire purpose for the teachings. Instead of general claims. you must distinguish what doesn’t work. Your site is great and free but the teachings are too complex. I would suggest degrees of essential information then a graduated guidance toward the real way of kabbalah. As it stands rav Berg is a lot more comprehensible and articulates clearer than your works. remember the snake oil salesman was great at convincing. I know tradition states you can’t do this. but if kabbalah is going to help people not specialized in it . the approach must be more practical.
    Thank you Michael Laitman for your help

  5. Hello again.

    I am here to actually redact the above statement said in a tone of hostility and confrontation. I have paid 42.00 a month for the KCI lessons on Worldwide Classroom and have been introduced eventually to the teachings of ARI and Baal HaSulam ( Yehuda Ashlag). The opinion was that technical knowledge of kabbalah was too much for me and that it wasn’t pratical. I found Rav Laitman’s books too detailed and overwhelming and made a statement that i now regret ” that he is only keeping with tradition”. and ” he is making it complex to keep his name in the authority of kabbalah”. I feel very humbled by the absolute incorrectness of my above statements

    Mr Laitman has actually offered much more than he would like to take credit for. His classes are FREE . Bnei Baruch gives a great introductory course called Kabbalah Revealed. Which is absolutely amazing and in my personal opinion , by far greater than the introductory course at the KCI.

    Laitman gives away his technical treatises and does it with a smile and loving desire to share.
    KCI makes one pay for the advanced “ten luminous emanations” and the video can’t be downloaded. Laitman offers the text for free.

    KCI doesn’t refer much to the actual structure like Bnei Baruch does.

    Therefore my conclusions are leaning more toward the fact that the authenticity of the KCI is EXACTLY the same as Bnei Baruch and anything that may be obtained by the KCI is available at Bnei Baruch.

    It is heartbreaking to see that some may not see Rav Ashlag’s writings unless approved by a teacher or administrator for (All Access) at KCI.

    Rav Laitman – im terribly sorry for my projection and reprehensible words of intolerance and ignorance.

  6. Hello everyone,

    I had some dilemma if I should post this or not and decided to go for it, take it as you will…

    I studied Kabbalah at one of Rav Berg’s branches for a year – the one located in
    Tel-Aviv (Israel).

    These guys who work for Rav Berg are not teaching real Kabbalah. they teach some new age mish mash and call it Kabbalah.

    they charge loads of money for courses and events and always try to sell you holy water, red strings, amulets and other stuff that have nothing to do with real Kabbalah.

    The real Kabbalah is not about holy water, magic potions or some theories about how to make money or have better sex – the guys who work for Rav Berg turned Kabbalah into some new age\self help circus.

    it took me a year to wake up because I really got sucked into it- and it’s hard not to because they paint everything is some glorious fantasy.

    So being and studying over there for a year, what do i have to show for it?

    knowing real Kabbalah? No
    make any progress (spiritually)? No
    wasted time? Yes
    wasted money? Yes

    that’s all. Take it as you will…

    I’m writing this in a good spirit hoping to help others as I wish I had been warned before I set foot into his branch- that would have saved me loads of time and money…

  7. I would not have found Michael Laitman if his teachings were not “technical”. This is the workings of what is real. I had only known of Michaels Kabbalah because I had sought out teachings that were once tought to me as a young man by a friend, but I was never told what it was I was learning. If my friend hadn’t been presenting to me Kabbalah proper then the spark would not have resonated within me and I wouldn’t have not known how to identify Michael Laitman for true Kabbalah. It’s the point in the heart that, when I listened to it, found authenticity.

  8. there are many people learning the bad but as well as the good i always was
    stuck i want to climb the ladder of life and know that we are suppose to do this
    in the body…its very sad we were all duped.please help all of us who have had
    this experience…i totally see the creator in motion on the Kabbalah center..may G-d have mercy upon them…please please help all of us with the real kabbalah…i have always kept up with your website…thanks so much

  9. I read 17 books of Berg’s enterprise, I’m not going to tell that I didn’t learn, because I would be lying to you, But as soon as I met Laitman, Kabbalah turned in what I was looking for!. Guy it is ridiculous that Kabbalah would have to do with red string, holy water, candles, amulets, this is something serious. I read just a couple books of Michael Laitman, it’s deep I know, but this is what is all about, learn ,learn, and learn. delicery yourself 100% into this. Sorry my English!

  10. Coming from a Muslim. Kabbalah is sacred wisdom how to connect to the divine I.e God it’s not a tool to become rich and find ur soul mate even thou if this is what it will take to bring you closer to the divine then this is what will happen.

    I find Kabbalah a very important tool to elevate consciousness but the red string for those who have grown up in Eastern Europe can tell you is gipsy tradition, fortune telling is bullshit. I think berg had a good intention to spread the wisdom but as everything he turned what sacred wisdom he had into knowledge and to uphold his status authority within the berg family they now run it as a self help tool and no longer a practical experience to gain knowledge of the infinite.

    I also think that every person spiritual teacher has his own type of students some seek social life, entertainment etc others are truly looking for the divine ….

    I wish all real seekers luck and trust that god will always guide you

    Lots of love and blessing

  11. We live very close to The Kabbalah Center in Boca Raton and I am an avid follower
    of Kabbalah after reading “The Thirteen Petalled Rose” many years ago and have followed Rabbi Steinsaltz’s work. I.did hear him speak in the 80s
    Then when we went to the Kabbalah Center here we were appalled. Our giude was not a knowledgeable Jew rather an acolyte living free and to us brainwashed good. There were no Jewish symbols or Jewish adornments in the gift shop such as a tallis or a mezzuzah and books by Rabbi Berg and holy water and the prayer books were not Jewish prayer books. The whole set up seemed hokey to us
    And I know a bit about Phillip Berg friend who lived across the street from him in New Jersey.
    Please clarify the study of Kabbalah and legitimate places I know that Rabbi Steinsaltz had harsh words fot the center
    have had reservations about you because I did not know if you were part of that institution and Boca Raton and California
    Please clarify
    Ann Ilton
    Boca Raton Florida

  12. There is the saying ” there is none else besides him”

  13. please clarify my comments about kabbalah center in boca
    I believe it to be a hokey cult
    I came to it with some knowledge from
    Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
    It me it seems to me a travesty of an ancient and complex knowledge

  14. hi i learnedkabbalah first from Kab Centre. and now i came across Michael Laitman. both are very good and i am
    able to combine both. Michael Berg booksare very good too. i just am
    able to understandthe concepts more from
    M Laitman’s very detailed explanations. but in the end i hope everyone just helps to carry out the
    wisdom ofkabbalah and all spirituality.

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