The Presence of the Shechina

The Presence of the ShechinaA question I received: I had an acute, spontaneous, mysterious experience. Can you help me understand why this happened to me? What was the purpose of it? I was in this light and love for almost fifteen minutes, completely unaware of my body. I simply lived it all.

My Answer: Such an illumination comes to many people. It’s like an invitation to attain the Upper Light constantly and clearly. You felt just a micro-glow of this Light. With Kabbalah, you have the chance to attain a sensation that is billions of times greater, and feel it constantly!

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  1. “ attain the Upper Light constantly and clearly.” “..and feel it constantly.” That is what we need! Constancy and clearness! Not just a few moments or minutes! The study of Kabbalah offers us just that!  To be “ this light and love” and feel it constantly and clearly! If we are serious we will!

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