The Difference Between Secular People, Religious People and Kabbalists

The Difference Between Secular People, Religious People and KabbalistsA question I received: Religious people, especially those who became religious, say that they feel an enormous force, the joy of life, and lights that do them miracles. How can they feel all that if the Light only comes through the study of Kabbalah and related activities?

My Answer: We constantly develop from one generation to the next, each person at a different rate. Some people – the secular – are content with simply living domesticated, earthly lives. Others need more, a connection with something higher, and a hope of reward – these being the religious.

There are also those who need nothing more than to attain the Upper One, called Kabbalists. Kabbalists are people who attain the Creator, as written, “Know your Creator in order to work with Him” (Da Hashem Elokeycha Ve Avdeu). In our times, egoism is outgrowing the regular, earthly boundaries, and both secular and religious people are starting to feel empty. This feeling of emptiness will bring people from all walks of life – secular, religious and whatever else one wants to call oneself – to Kabbalah, the science of fulfillment (by the Light of the Creator).

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  1. “Kabbalists are people who attain the Creator” and “who need nothing more than to attain the Upper One” and “Kabbalah the Science of fulfilment (by the Light of the Creator)”. Thanks for explaining the difference between Secularists,Religionists and Kabbalists. Kabbalah has been revealed to us. Secularism and Religion are out of date. We want nothing less than “to  attain the Upper One”. For me I want and need nothing less! Religion for me is a thing of the past! Now I am a fervent supporter and student of the genuine Kabbalah that Rav Michael Laitman has revealed to the whole World.

  2. what is the relationship between’ religion and secular’ and the ‘public and private’ sphere?

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