Reveal Perfection in Yourself

Reveal Perfection in YourselfA question I received: I study Kabbalah through the Internet, the TV and books. My entire worldview has changed – I now view everything differently and understand creation much better. I feel that I am on the right path. Nevertheless, I find it difficult to overcome the quality of anger. I realize how harmful it is, and that it’s making me suffer. How can I overcome my anger?

My Answer: A person shouldn’t change anything about himself, and if he tries, he will only do more harm. Everything in you is given from above, by the Light and by your Upper state. You differ from this Upper state in just one way: by “your attitude to what’s outside” (to nature, society, or the Creator). Instead of bestowal and love, our attitude fell to reception and hatred.

The only thing we have to accomplish in this life, and the reason life was given to us, is to return to that original attitude toward everything outside of us. As I return to that state (of bestowal and love to my surroundings), I begin to feel that I am one whole with them, and the quality (bestowal and love) that binds us together is called “the Creator.” It initially created us and intentionally “dropped” us into the opposite quality, so we could evaluate all the perfection of the state it created us in, and aspire to it on our own. And to the degree you aspire toward it, you will reveal it within you.

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