Kabbalah on Evolution

Kabbalah on EvolutionA question I received: In response to a question you were asked in the post “Evolution of Man – We Were All Monkeys in the Past,” you wrote that “Everything is initiated by the Reshimo – the informational gene – and not by the evolution of blind nature, as Darwin thought.” Can you specify what you mean by “blind nature,” and how it relates to Nature/the Creator?

My Answer: “Blind nature” refers to the opinion of Darwinian theory, whose adherents believe that nature lacks a purpose, a goal, and a program of development. They think that at every given moment, nature simply chooses the best of all possible alternatives for development. These scientists, however, say nothing about how such a phenomenon is possible without knowing the end result, and one is left with having to believe in religion!

However, Kabbalah considers nature to be the Creator. Kabbalah, which is the science of the Upper World, and not religion (as many think), provides the following answer: Nature knows the final form, which has existed since the very beginning, and which has a predetermined path leading to it. Everything that takes place is necessary only for man to develop the perception of his own developmental process, and to consciously and willingly assume the perfect, final form.

A question I received: You said that 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, there was a single nation, and people separated from one another due to an egoism outburst. As a result they dispersed and populated the entire globe. However, it’s known that 5,000 years ago there were already civilizations existing in India and Egypt.

My Answer: We’re talking about the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, the source of the modern developed civilization. You can read about how the nations dispersed in the Bible and “Antiquities of the Jews” by Josephus Flavius.

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  1. Have not the writings of Josephus been proven false? There is much writing on this. 

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