If You Change Your Name, Do You Change Your Luck?

If You Change Your Name, Do You Change Your Luck?A question I received: I am a single, 31 year old woman, and a few rabbis I met advised me to change my name, even though I never even asked them anything about this. So I talked to my parents, and it turned out that my father is against it. What’s your say on this? Is it important? Is it worth doing?

My Answer: Kabbalistic books say that changing your name means changing your luck. “Name” corresponds to attainment: Kli, 26 in Gematria, and the Light in it together provide the name to your spiritual attainment. Nothing here relates the corporeal world. However, if you change the name people call you, it might help you psychologically.

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  1. I want to change my name to get a fresh start. I was thinking of Hannah or Bernice, or Myrtle.

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