Global Warming – It Will Affect Tropical Insects but What Is Causing It?

Global Warming - It Will Affect Tropical Insects but What Is Causing It?News Story: Global Warming Spells Bad News for Tropical Insects

American scientists are stating that global warming on our planet will primarily affect the animal kingdom in the Earth’s tropical zone. According to the specialists, tropical insects that are the most susceptible to temperature changes will suffer first. The scientists are asserting that the disappearance of only several kinds of insects will cause an imbalance in nature.

My Comment: Popular opinion states that global warming is a result of people’s physical attitude toward nature, and not as a result of our relationships with one another. However, it will soon become revealed that our egoism and hatred of one another, instead of loving one another (i.e. according to the spiritual criteria of “love”), are the cause of all the world’s problems.

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