Lecture for Women in Honor of International Women’s Day

Lecture for Women in Honor of International Women’s DayThis morning, from 9:30 until 11am, I held a public lecture in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, on the theme “Women’s Spiritual Development.” Watch | Listen


  1. During the lecture I asked if my children would be somewhat influenced through my studies.
    this part of my  question got lost in the translation – Even though my children do not study Kabbalah, are they receiving anything through my studies? I know that their points in the heart has to be awakened but I would love to hear the whole answer please. Thank you , toda. And it was  a superb lecture.

  2. It was a fabulous lecture – really put everything in focus for starting out in this new phase … thank you!

  3. This whole lecture is great! Rav gave fantastic insight with regard to our spiritual roots, and where/how we fit in. One of the most exciting parts of the lecture may have been on how woman can organize our internal feeling of lack, otherwise known as our general disatisfaction, and if connected correctly, and realized – our potential impact, is great. This is a do not miss! Thank you!

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