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The Spiritual JerusalemNews Story: Police say security fence has reduced crime in Jerusalem

“‘The security fence surrounding Jerusalem has completely eliminated terrorist attacks in the city, and has also decreased ordinary criminal activity,’ according to Major General Aharon Franko.” The barrier has been a significant factor in reducing violence in the city, because fewer terrorists are able to get into Jerusalem, commit their crimes and hide in the autonomous territories.

My Response: “Mashiach sits at the gates of Jerusalem and waits for the time when people will be ready for deliverance. He is in shackles and in need of the righteous who will liberate him from his chains. He is fed up with people of blind faith. He is fed up with generous hearts. Today he demands depth of heart in the people of truth.” (Rebbe from Kotzk)

Jerusalem is the spiritual capital of the world, a holy place for all religions. It possesses a special energy or force. It attracts some people, while deterring others. Jerusalem is like a human heart – nowadays only destruction reigns in it. Take a look at our world – it is broken into pieces and shaken by wars and suffering. Every individual in our world is like a cancer cell living only for itself and destroying others. It’s the same with Jerusalem: we are tearing it apart. So how could it be possible that a sudden awakening could take place in a situation where there is no unity among Jerusalem’s people, where they do not exhibit the properties of the true Jerusalem, as the capital of unity and love.

There are still great battles in store for Jerusalem. I’m talking about spiritual wars. This is because the egoistic and the holy forces are in constant struggle over the place where the Upper Light will come. Moreover, this struggle will not cease until the very end of correction, when the largest battle will be fought – the final battle in the war of Gog and Magog, which is already unfolding today with all its might.

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  1. My Dearest Ones,
    Please know that I am with you.  With you.  With you.  With you.

    Sandra E. Watson

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