Shame – the Engine of Progress

Shame - the Engine of ProgressWe are always adjusting ourselves to certain common standards in order to avoid feeling ashamed. Essentially, everything we do in our world, other than the bare necessities, compensates for the feeling of shame. All of our attainments, progress, development, achievements, searches – are all based exclusively on the feeling of shame: compensating for and avoiding it. It is egoism’s opposite side pushing us.

According to Kabbalah, the creature’s first reaction (Tzimtzum Aleph, the 1st restriction) to perceiving the Creator stemmed from the feeling of shame. Similarly, humanity’s entire history began with the feeling of shame that Adam and Eve felt upon realizing their transgression. We only need to compensate for shame in order to become equal to the Creator. That is why the feeling of shame, in all its forms, determines all of our actions.

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  1. I am so greatful for the Ravs blog as well as all the work and teaching that the educational center offers.  The whole of humanity needs quickly to discover this wisdom.
    Forever thankful Maureen

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