What Stands behind the External Picture of the World?

423.01Question: In the material world, we see an external picture of the history of the development of egoism. What is happening behind this external layer?

Answer: Behind the external layer of the history of the development of egoism there is a manifestation of light in a not-yet-formed pot (a common spiritual Kli , vessel), and this causes us suffering. In other words, the light that should already fill the pot, let us say, by one millimeter or two centimeters, is revealed, but the pot is not ready. Then the light is perceived as darkness.

The deficiency of this pot is revealed to us, the deficiency of our connection with each other. Therefore, it is felt as a global, integral crisis.

As soon as we begin to unite, instead of a negative crisis, we will feel positive fulfillment. Everything you desire, every one of your wishes, all of them together, will be completely satisfied, and not only on the earthly level.

You will begin to feel these desires in connection with others as desires on an entirely different level, as the unity of one global, integral system in which you will feel your eternal perfect state. It cannot be conveyed in words. It is a different dimension.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The History of Kabbalah” 9/29/11

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