Understand the Students

259.02Question: Can you understand students who are going through different states?

Answer: Of course I understand my students! Every Kabbalist does.

I remember all my outbursts, ups, downs, and my relationship with the teacher. Nothing new appears in front of me because my students are going through what I once went through. I can only remember myself and see the same in others. Everyone goes through the same states.

Question: Is your perception of the lesson you are giving completely different from that of the student? It may be harder for him to endure these three hours. If you gave lectures once a week, it would be easier than three hours every day.

Answer: As a professor, I can give one lesson a day, and that would be enough for a professorial norm. But I am not a professor, I am a Kabbalist.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call.The Magic of the Kabbalah Lesson” 4/16/11

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