Attainment Through Kabbalistic Books

65The common soul is the only thing that was created in the universe and it has only one quality—the quality of bestowal and love.

To the extent that I can adapt to the common soul by acquiring at least a small quality of bestowal and love, I connect with it and contact is established between us. If I cannot do this, then I feel like all the people in our world that are disconnected from it do not understand what kind of shell they exist within. They do not feel this system.

But this is how it should be at the beginning. For thousands of years we have evolved to come to despair and the feeling that there is nothing in our lives, nothing shines ahead, and daily conditions shake us, threaten us, and demand that we understand the reason for our existence.

Animalistic fear, necessity, and hopelessness lead people to start demanding this contact: where is it, how, what for, why, and what are we doing here?

And then The Book of Zohar comes to meet them; it opens and says: “I am the system. By reading me, by being included in me, you connect to the general spiritual system and finally begin to feel what kind of world you live in. After all, you do not feel the world in which you exist.”
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What is a Book” 4/4/11

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