No Need to Wait to Be Crushed

293Comment: There is a parable about a frog who got stuck in the mud in a rut. No matter how hard she tried to get out, nothing worked. Friends tried to help to no avail, they failed.

In the evening, the exhausted friends went home and left their friend to the will of fate and were sure that they would come the next day, and she would no longer be there.

They came, and she was jumping merrily on the grass. They say, “How did you manage?!” “Very simply,” the frog replied, “a cart appeared, and I simply had no choice but to get out as soon as possible.”

How similar it is to our world, that we have to approach such a disaster that will simply crush us!

My Response: The awareness.

Question: Yes, and only then will we get out. You say that there is a path of goodness, and there is a path of suffering. We are on the path of suffering. Meaning, we should be crushed, and only then will we come to something good?

Answer: Yes. At the last step. Otherwise, we will not want to get rid of egoism. There must still be an ideological basis here, the solution to the problem is at its root—for what will we get rid of atomic weapons.

We must get rid of our desire to suppress, destroy, and dominate others. The desire to receive, the desire to suppress another is pure egoism. That is what we have to get rid of. This means, to come from hatred to love.

Such a turn is practically impossible. Only through the revelation of evil. And the revelation of evil can really only be global and only a free decision.

Question: So, we, like this frog, are in a rut? The cart is coming, and we still don’t care about it?

Answer: Yes. Moreover, we look at others, what would they do? Let them be the first to get scared and start doing something. But I hope that today’s situation also determines something.

Question: Is it not just a cart, but a tank that will crush us?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, this fear, as you say, is at the heart of everything. And we will escape out of fear?

Answer: Yes. We will jump out of fear and from the realization of the inevitability of death. Moreover, we are not particularly afraid of death. It is just that the time will come, the condition of humanity will change, and we will understand that we have nowhere to go, and dying is also not an option, it is not a solution to the problem.

Question: And how does fear and the fact that committing suicide, dying, is not the solution to the problem, lead to the realization of the foundation that everything is in egoism, that it is to blame for everything? Where does this turnover happen?

Answer: A revolution occurs in a person when he suddenly begins to realize that even death does not save him from egoism. That even his death does not lead to the end of existence. He will exist in the feeling of such suffering, internal, it’s no longer a matter of physical, not bodily, the body already seems to be gone, but he will continue to suffer.

Question: And when will he realize that the cause of these sufferings is egoism? At what point is this understood?

Answer: When one has nothing left but egoism. When one sees that death does not save him and does not pull him out of terrible conditions, out of life. He will continue. After death, life continues, only in a different form, and he will suffer all the time, as in hell.

Question: And who will tell him that egoism is the cause of everything?

Answer: Then he will feel what sets him up to such a negative attitude to himself, to the world, to everything, and to egoism itself, which dominates him and always leads him from suffering to suffering.

Question: So, there will be this point that says: “I wanted to suppress everyone, but I have to suppress myself”? Will that be the feeling?

Answer: I think so. This is the solution. There is no other solution.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/26/23

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