Simple Unity

275In Ein Sof it is a “simple desire” because He is One and His Name One. The light in Ein Sof is called He and the will to receive is called His Name, and they are simple unity without any form of separation (Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 1, Chapter 1).

Question: What does it mean “He is One and His Name One”?

Answer: The Creator is the force itself and His name is what this force produces.

The essence of the Creator, in principle, cannot be attained by us. His actions are the actions of the Creator within us, and based on them we can decide what His essence is. But all the same, this is not the essence of the Creator Himself, but the essence of His revelation to us, the Good and Does Good. Eventually, this is what we attain.

Question: Can we say that He is the force, light, and His name is the will to receive, creation?

Answer: Yes. As a result of the way we feel and explore His influence on us, to that extent we attain Him.

Question: What is this state of “simple unity”?

Answer: Simple unity is what we can reach as a result of our similarity with the Creator, i.e., the gradual coming closer to Him, up to the adhesion. Although we are absolutely opposite to Him since He created us, as it were, as His imprint, based on this imprint, we become similar to the Creator, and eventually we begin to feel Him.
From KabTV’s “The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES)” 8/14/22

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