The Creator Is What Is Revealed in the Desire

610.2Question: It is written, “He and His name are one.” What does it mean?

Answer: The Creator and His name are one because what we perceive in the four-letter name of the Creator is the Creator Himself for us.

There is no separate “He” and “His name.” Relative to us, they are the same. We cannot talk about something higher yet.

The four-letter name of the Creator “Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey” is the structure of our desire. What is revealed in the desire is the Creator. And what is beyond desire, we cannot even explore.

It is written in the sources: “The whole universe is a manifestation of the names of the Creator.” That is, the Creator in all his manifestations in relation to us appears to us as nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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