Approach and Attain

276.02Question: What is the right name for the force governing us: the Creator, God, thought, the upper force?

Answer: Whatever you like. Whatever is more convenient for you in each case.

Question: In the science of Kabbalah, it is written that “Bore” (the Creator) is from the words “Bo” and “Re” (come and see). Where to go and what do we see there?

Answer: The Creator is a quality that we can approach and attain. That is why we call it Bore. If you get closer to Him in qualities, then you will understand who He is, what He is, and you will be able to explore Him.

Question: In the science of Kabbalah it is said: “What we do not attain, we do not know by name.” What does it mean?

Answer: The fact is that we attain everything in our senses and not outside of them, and therefore, we cannot name anything in an objective form. We attain everything only in a limited, predetermined condition. Therefore, the Creator is called Bo-Re.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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