Prepare To Perceive The Creator

294.3The Creator is everything. There is none else besides Him. He has no name, title, image, form. He is not limited by time or space, absolutely by nothing. He is above all limitations and worlds. It is just everything there is.

But although the Creator fills everything in infinite measure with infinite number of sounds and forms, we must prepare to perceive Him. For the sake of connecting with us, He wants to develop us so that we gradually grow, expand our sensory organs, and are able to feel and understand Him in all His might.

To do this, we need to infinitely develop our organs of perception, which means to exit the egoism that restricts us and drives us into a narrow framework and forces us to evaluate everything only from the standpoint of our own benefit or harm. And with such an approach, it is impossible to get closer to the Creator because He is above such a calculation.

It is only man, intentionally created as an egoist, who, when he comes out of these limitations, can correct himself with the help of the Creator and understand and feel what the Creator has done for him.

Without this, it is impossible to attain the concept of the upper force because we are not in the dimension where it operates: beyond the desire to receive, beyond egoism, beyond our perception.

We perceive reality with five senses, and that is why we see such a world. But the Creator is not limited by anything, and He cannot be felt by these material organs we feel the world and the universe with because all this is perceived due to limitations.

The Creator is the force of bestowal. He wants to give, to grant, to love, and to fill. This is how His desire is revealed to us. But outside of us, we cannot say a single word about the Creator. We do not know if He has thoughts and desires. Most likely not because He is above all this. The perfect one cannot be subject to emotions—bad or good—because He is not limited by anything.

Therefore, He cannot have bad or good feelings. All our feelings are caused either by a lack of something or by filling. But all this is not inherent to the Creator. The Creator is absolute kindness and He only wants to fill everyone with goodness.
From KabTV’s “Basic concepts in the science of Kabbalah” 2/20/22

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