“Beware Of Looking At Women”

560Question: Why is it said in the primary sources in the “covenant of eyes” that one should beware of looking at women?

Answer: In our world, we have a set of very simple and clear desires for food, sex, and family. These are the three basic human desires, which, in principle, animals also have. This is what we must, first of all, direct to correction.

The strongest and most vital of them is food. And after it, the most necessary for existence is sex. It proceeds from the fact that we must connect the opposite elements of creation so that we again get a whole closed system.

And the woman personifies, as it were, a person’s desire for physical union. And so, there is a special condition here that we should beware of even looking at them.

Speaking about spiritual states, a woman symbolizes the egoistic desire to receive, to bring closer to herself, to be filled directly from the source of pleasure.

Question: If I have thoughts like, “Why is the Creator not revealed to me directly?”, then are these all egoistic thoughts that should be guarded against?

Answer: Yes, that is the point. Basically, we need to beware that all the properties that are in us in a natural animal form (food, sex, and family) are aimed at attaining the Creator and to use them for one’s own sake only in the intention to achieve this goal, to attain the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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