Selflessness of Actions

565.01Question: Baal HaSulam says that it is necessary to consider the Creator not as a person, but as laws of nature. It turns out that if you follow the laws of nature, you get rewarded, and if you don’t, you get blows. Can it be viewed this way?

Answer: Yes. It is not important. We must try to act all the time in such a way that we come closer to the Creator in the selflessness of our actions.

Question: Let’s say, by observing the laws of gravity, I live. And it does not matter if I understand them or not. Is it the same with the Creator? He says: “We need to connect with other people.” I comply, that’s it, I’m fine. If I do not comply, I feel bad.

Answer: No. Bad or good ,you cannot determine; otherwise, you will act in order to make yourself feel good and not bad.

Comment: In general, if I observe this law and somehow come closer to others, then I should understand that I will somewhere get some kind of reward for this although I do not see it.

My Response: It is still a reward.

Comment: But I do not see it.

My Response: It does not matter. You do not see the money in the bank either.

Comment: Yes, but I can always withdraw it.

My Response: Here too you hope that you will withdraw.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 5/31/22

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