Phantom Pain

549.01Comment: In humans there is a phenomenon called phantom pain. For example, after a person losses a limb, it hurts as if it’s still there or someone may have had a tooth removed many years ago, but the pain does not go away.

Much like phantom pain or phantom death, something similar can occur after the removal of the embryo from the mother’s womb. There are cases in which the time came for the birth of an already non-existent child and women still felt contractions.

My Response: This happens because nothing is lost in nature. Therefore, even if some changes are observed in the external appearance, meaning, in our egoistic perceptions, nothing happens inside. The same constant properties, constant phenomena, and constant objects, remain connected together in an integral network. Nothing escapes, nothing moves.

And if some changes occur in relation to our external perception, for example, the absence of a leg or arm, this does not mean that in fact they do not exist. We just can’t use them in an egoistic way. In our egoistic world, we cannot use these desires that at the lowest level of perception turn into some apparent biological object, ie., an arm or a leg.

This desire goes to another, more hidden area, but it exists; therefore, such pains are quite natural.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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