We Can’t Do Without Pain

508.1In the News (Financial Times): “‘Japanese start-up wants to cause real-life pain in the metaverse’ 

“H2L’s technology replicates the sensation of touch by using electrical stimulation to manipulate the arm muscles and mimic sensations… 

“’Feeling pain enables us to turn the metaverse world into a real [world], with increased feelings of presence and immersion,’ said Emi Tamaki, chief executive and co-founder of the Tokyo-based company.”  

Question: How do you like this idea?

Answer: In principle, of course, controlling a person with pain is a thing as old as the world.

Question: But to create reality, meta reality, as if taking a person away from this pain into another pain? In pain again?

Answer: Naturally. We can’t do without it. Otherwise, we cannot define ourselves —where we are, who I am, and whether I exist at all. If you remove sensations of pain from a person, everything will disappear.

I’m sitting in an armchair right now. The armchair presses on me, I feel pain, pressure. And the pressure feels good to me. But this is, in principle, a small pain.

And if I pass a certain pain threshold, then I begin to feel that it is unpleasant for me. Then I have to move away from this object, from this source.

And so I am controlled everywhere and in everything: from cold and hunger, heat, pressure, everything! That’s how I’ve been led primitively from pain to non-pain in every dimension, in every relationship.

Question: So you think what they are doing is right? Is it necessary to introduce pain even into virtual reality?

Answer: Otherwise it will not be a reality, even virtual.

Question: You are always talking about the passage of a person into the spiritual spheres, into the spiritual world. Is there pain there?

Answer: Yes, of course. If there is a feeling of “plus and minus,” then there is pain and pleasure. The pain of being far from the Creator and the pleasure of being closer to Him. It’s very simple. But, in principle, the parameters are the same.

Question: Can we say that this is the root of all the pains in our world: my remoteness from the Creator or my closeness?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: And what we are going through here in this world is our withdrawal from the Creator?

Answer: Yes, it teaches us how we can approach Him.

Question: And all these crazy wars, are they all from the same sphere?

Answer: Yes, of course. Inevitably. This is the only way to teach a person.

Question: How can we make all this turn into different pain in our world?

Answer: In our world, we can do it very simply. Each of us has to put ourselves in a very clear direction. If I get closer to others, and through them to the Creator, then I have to imagine it as pleasure. If I move away from the connection with others and thus from the Creator, I feel pain. That’s the state I need to come to. This will be called the revelation of the spiritual relationship.

Question: In principle, is this a way of revealing the Creator, which means the gradual disappearance of wars, suffering, tragedies, so to say, from me, from this world?

Answer: I don’t even think about it. I think about how I can get closer to others and through them to the Creator, so that it will be my pleasure.

Question: Then reveal the secret, please, how to get pleasure from connection with others?

Answer: Ask the Creator, there is nothing else. There is no other action that will help you.

Question: There is only prayer in this world so that I can get closer to others and so get closer to the Creator. Maybe there is another way?

Answer: No, you can’t. It won’t do much here. You’ll be turning as if you’re in a frying pan but not going anywhere.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/7/22

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