Love Is a Powerful Thing

025.02Comment: Supervised drug injection sites have opened in New York City. Here drug addicts can legally inject drugs and seek help from a doctor.

Basically, their model is that if you are still going to use drugs, let us teach you how to do it safely. This is what the organizers say.

We are talking about intravenous administration of serious drugs. People do not have to hide, they will not be arrested. You can take a shower, wash your clothes. And everything is free. How do you like this solution of not banning, not putting in jail, and not catching them?

My Response: Prohibitions have no effect. All sorts of punishments have no effect. Only love.

Question: Does it mean that by allowing them to do all this, we can slowly explain something to them, talk about something?

Answer: They will even quit these drugs for you, from the fact that you provide them with these conditions. They will feel your attitude toward them. This removes half, even more, of the reasons to have an injection.

Question: Can it be that this is how we can solve the world drug problem?

Answer: No, you cannot solve it that easily. For this we need to rebuild society. But as society becomes more and more gentle, understanding, and accepting all people correctly, all negative problems will be disappearing.

Love is a powerful thing, you just need to awaken it correctly. And the body will give us a reaction. Not immediately, but if there are large groups of people with this common approach, then you will see what happens. People will fight with their hands and teeth for such a government that treats them in this way—with love.

Question: How can we grow such a government that will treat people with love?

Answer: This is only through Kabbalah. So that a person will understand nature, study it on himself, how impossible and difficult this is, how much he can influence himself through others. This is a process.

Question: Do you think that the path to the love that you radiate for the other is only through the wisdom of Kabbalah? Why is Kabbalah engaged in radiating love?

Answer: Because Kabbalah itself is the science of love, the science of the Creator, of His influence, attitude to creation, to a person. So far it is being studied by small groups here and there, the masses still do not understand anything. But when this enters into the mass, into the stream, it will blast everything with love! The way a mudslide descends from the mountains.

It will be an enormous force. There is nothing higher, bigger, or stronger than such love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/9/22

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