We Cannot Avoid Mutual Inclusion

294.2Kabbalah is the wisdom of connection of all people into one single image called “Adam.”

Comment: You are aiming to spread this wisdom as widely as possible. But there are 1% of people who are predisposed to it and 99% who are not predisposed but kind of sympathize with it.

My Response: They sympathize involuntarily because otherwise they feel bad.

There are people who feel bad outside of the image of Adam. There is a so-called “point in the heart” in them, the yearning for this image, for this connection. It can be very distant, unconscious, and in a completely wrong direction.

Personally, it was not this at all that compelled me at the time, but knowledge and desire to possess the upper instrument. And in the end, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to connect to “love one’s neighbor.” This is so contrary to my nature.

I heard about it, but I perceived it as supplementary to something. They say something beautiful; okay, everyone says it! We grew up in a society where we said a lot of beautiful things, but did everything the other way around.

But in the end, when we reveal this system, we discover the need to connect with others, merge with them, completely annul ourselves, and join together into one single whole. Mutual inclusion should be of everyone into everyone to the state of the world of infinity.

Infinite, unlimited inclusion into each other; this is what the world of infinity means. Then we feel a special force of unity in it, which is called the upper light or the Creator.

For me, on the one hand it was something unpleasant, it repelled me, and it was not sitting right with me for a long time. But then I accepted it! How can you get away from this if this is nature?! This is how it is arranged!

Eventually, life forced me, as they say. I was very much the opposite of that. By nature, I am a “lone wolf,” I can stay in my room all my life. Voluntarily! I can see not a single person all my life, books and a computer are enough.

And suddenly I need communication, I need to exit somewhere?! For me, every exit…I do it involuntarily, out of necessity. Nature remains nature. I do not want fame or power. I do not need any of this! Not because I am such a big person, but because this is how I was created.

Suddenly, when I discovered that everything, apparently, is realized in connection with others, it was just an incredible turning point! I had to break myself. Slowly. It all happened somehow, with pain.

I am sure that it will come and pass over everyone.

If you see that this is the truth, this is nature, you begin to understand that you are against it, you are really an egoist, and your egoism, which does not want this, is the help against you. Then everything falls into place.

Question: Are you talking about those people who are predisposed to spirituality or about every person in the world?

Answer: I think that this exists in any person to a greater or lesser extent. No one wants to unite, embrace, annul themselves, or suppress their egoism.

But eventually, people will do it. Some will come to this consciously, like me, through reading, seeing, feeling, insight, and then just revelation. And the rest of the people will be forced by vital necessity, the desire for a better life. We need to live somehow. Involuntarily, you will unite driven by a stick to happiness.

And here by studying and yearning for understanding, for the truth. If you see that it is like this, it begins to change you, and you move not with a “stick from behind,” but with a yearning forward.

These are two groups of people who, one way or another, will come to the goal. The entirety of humanity is divided into those who rush forward, of whom there are few, only thousands in the world, and all the rest who are driven from behind.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Get Hooked on a Spiritual Needle” 11/3/09

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