How To Beat Drugs?

273.01Comment: An article “America decriminalizes heroin: the war on drugs is lost” in contends that the 1971 war on drugs declared by Nixon seems to be completely lost.

In America, marijuana is legal almost everywhere. And in the state of Oregon, a law partially allowing the use of hard drugs has been passed. They claim the advantages of this are huge.  “In FY2020, marijuana tax revenues to the Oregon treasury increased 30% from the previous year to $ 133 million, up 545% from the 2016 cannabis tax collection.

Interestingly, opinions are divided. Opponents claim that the health threat to young Americans cannot be justified by any commercial gain.

“But in response to all the arguments presented, the advocates of legalization say that they regret the stupid choice that compatriots can make in favor of drugs, but free will and the goals of profitability should prevail in this matter.”

My Response: Humanity has had a craving for drugs throughout its history. Humanity needs to invent something that would make its existence easier. Otherwise, it is hard to live.

With our brains today we have developed to the extent that everyone begins to ask themselves: “Why is all of this? And what is all this for? Do I need it?”

This is called the last generation. The time has come when such questions begin to be raised, they are our inner desires and people demand an answer to them.

Question: And when there is no answer, then a person wants to forget himself?

Answer: Then you have to do something. Drunkenness and, of course, drug abuse will rise.

Question: Is there any way out of this? Will prohibition help?

Answer: No bans will help. If it comes from man’s needs, he will drink, smoke, sniff, and swallow anything anyway.

Question: Even if there are laws to imprison, to execute?

Answer: They will bypass these laws. As a result, these laws will be canceled because you cannot jail everyone. Everyone you put in jail costs the state a lot of money.

Question: So where are we going and where should we end up? What would you say about this?

Answer: I would say that people should be educated and given the opportunity to reveal the meaning of life, the meaning of existence. Then a person will not have to run away anywhere. He will, on the contrary, strive to replace running away from life with striving for a different life.

Question: That is, then he will even be afraid to escape into something that will divert him or put him to sleep?

Answer: Of course, because he is losing eternity.

We are moving toward the fact that people are starting to ask themselves about this and they will eventually move from such questions to reality.

A person will fully reveal this question: “What do I live for?” And one will be able to find the answer to it in this life, in this world.

Proceeding from this life, from this world, he will find the answer. He will reveal the real, true world that stands behind our world, that controls it and fills it. And then he will somehow connect with the system that controls our world. He will begin to understand that everything that he is experiencing now leads him to a truly high goal. He will then understand why he was led in this way, what he was led to, and he will justify it.

Question: What will fill a person? How will he feel it?

Answer: His desire is to find meaning in his existence. And he will discover this meaning. And then he will understand why this desire has been ripening in him for so long, for so many years, maybe hundreds of years, gradually, step by step in the cycles of life, and he will justify all this.

Question: Will he feel that he is standing in front of absolute warmth, love, and kindness?

Answer: Yes. And truth. There is something we receive in the mind and something we receive in the heart. Therefore, there must be a filling in both of them.

We live in a time when we can approach this.

Question: But do you have the acute feeling that we are approaching this?

Answer: Absolutely! But I would like it to happen as soon as possible.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/22/21

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