Why Cancer Affects Everyone

510.01Question: Humanity has been living with cancer for many, many centuries. Even ancient Egyptian papyrus from the 7th century BC describe breast cancer and so on. Humanity is always fighting this disease. We have invented chemotherapy, created all sorts of drugs, and still, this disease is defeating us.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the cancer cell is unique, and in general, cancer is different for everyone. Thus, the approach should be very individual with each patient. What do the Kabbalists say about this disease, and how do we break free of it?

Answer: It is a violation of the program in the functioning of a cell or of an organ in a human or animal body. Cells and organs experience disruption. It is like in a computer, for example, when there is a failure, and it is already doing who knows what and destroys itself.

Only from the point of view of Kabbalah, we do not say a failure occurs and it destroys itself. A failure occurs, and everything goes according to a different plan. It is still going according to a plan, they are not some completely random forces. There is no such thing as random in nature. In nature, everything is predetermined, everything is totally interconnected. Therefore, cancer is a violation of the correct, healthy program of the existence of protein cells.

The right, healthy program of existence is when the body functions in order to lead its master, the owner of the body, to the right connection with others and to unite, to reveal a common unifying force through it.

Since the master is not engaged in the correct assembly of these cells, there is a disruption between them such that they begin to multiply incorrectly among themselves.

Question: What is the proper development of the cell?

Answer: It is in proper care between themselves.

Question: Does it stop caring about other cells and care only about itself and start destroying everything around it including itself?

Answer: Yes. It is a purely egoistic attitude to the environment, to its surroundings, because it cannot find the correct positive interaction with it.

Question: So, in fact, can you call the relationships between us, between people, cancerous?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Meaning that we live in a world afflicted by this disease?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And the same thing is happening within us?

Answer: Absolutely the same processes.

Question: What is the solution, what is the cure?

Answer: To realize what has gone wrong in the development of cells, in the wrong relationships between us, in the wrong human relationships between ourselves, and to correct the way we relate to each other.

And we will see almost immediately according to the changes between us toward good relationships, the correct interaction between malignant cells and tissues.

Question: Can a person break free of this disease by himself?

Answer: There may be a chance, possibly. But only through very serious work on oneself and others. If one is even allowed to do so. The fact is that cancer is actually an egoistic tumor of all of humanity. Therefore, it can affect people who are completely unselfish by their nature, by their character. They are affected also.

Question: It is as if reflected from all of humanity onto them, right?

Answer: Yes. And in general, in this respect, we misunderstand nature. Because nature does affect people who, perhaps, are the least likely to relate to such evil manifestations toward each other.

Comment: So the righteous can be the first to suffer.

My Response: True.

Question: Why?

Answer: Well, because they are above the others and, therefore, they get the first blow.

Question: It is a shame.

Answer: No, it is not a shame. This is a universal law of nature, thus, we need to think about everyone.

Comment: You once said that when a person feels bad or is gravely ill, if he finds the strength not to think about himself but to think about others, by doing so he can conquer the illness.

My Response: It can defeat the disease but, in our time, when everything is so tied and interconnected, it is very difficult.

Question: What is your prescription?

Answer: You should still think about others. This is the surest and the greatest remedy for such an evil egoistic disease as cancer.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/22/21

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