The Mystery Of The Unification Of The Masculine And Feminine, Part 6

232.06Learning to Control the Ego

Question: How does Kabbalah recommend resolving the contradictions between us?

Answer: Nature does not want to solve the contradictions, but actually quite the opposite, it wants to put us in such conflicts and contradictions that we will not be able to resolve and then we will either destroy each other or ascend to the next level above our nature.

Nature pressures us in a very clear, systematic, serious manner, and shows us that we will not be able to continue to exist egoistically. Our ego manages us and it is not to our benefit. We must learn how to manage it.

The Creator, who has created us as egoists and manages our fate, seemingly says: “It is time to leave the nest. I want you to manage yourselves, to be in charge of your own life, of your own fate. You must begin to control your ego, and I am giving you this opportunity. But in order to do so, you need to perfectly restore the connection with Me because I am the positive connection, and you must control the ego with the help of this connection.”

What does it mean to control the ego? To restrict it, to work with it not so that it awakens desires in us, but actually purposefully. This means that from this moment onward, I want to move forward so that I can manage myself. Not that the Creator should manage me, but that I should manage myself.

Each of us can picture what it means to leave the parents’ home. A time comes when we leave our parents and start gradually building our life. It takes time. On one hand we want to be free, but on the other hand, it is good when our parents take care of us.

Thus, leaving the parents is unpleasant: we either leave to another town, go to university, join the army, or something else happens in our lives. But generally speaking, it is a breakaway.

This is the reason why the Creator seemingly says, “You have grown, you have become detached, and now you need to start working on yourselves independently.” This work is called the work of the Creator when we can take both controlling forces from the Creator, the egoistic force and the altruistic force, and start managing ourselves like with two reins.

But what does it mean to manage ourselves? Suppose I sit in a carriage holding the reins and there is a horse in front of me (my ego) and I control it. The human being in me controls the beast in me. Unfortunately, I am not very successful in it. I forget, and I don’t really want it.

In principle, the Creator leads us to that. You see, a man is this concept when I want to ascend above the beast in me and resemble the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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