The Mystery Of The Unification Of The Masculine And Feminine, Part 5

766.1A Quiet Revolution In The Family

In the past, we could establish some contact between one another with the help of simple psychology, and thus balance our lives. There was the female part, the male part, and the common part. We had to do this in order to generate the third part.

On the whole, every family replicated this ancient model and everything was clear. Today, however, the ties have been broken and this model no longer exists. The ego has grown so much that a man does not want to work for his family and a woman does not want kids or a family, although these are basically the most natural things for her. The motherly instinct is no longer active.

For a man, the questions “Why should I work for others?” and “Why shouldn’t she go out to work?” come up. This is exactly the point at which professions and opportunities for women to work outside the home and demand equal rights like men gradually develop. There is usually a demand for women in places where men cannot work like in secretarial jobs and there are also opportunities for jobs like managing countries that open up for women.

Generally speaking, the world has changed a lot during the last century and something has happened: an unnoticed revolution has taken place quietly. Now, the question of “How should we continue from here and what should we do with ourselves and the world?” should arise in us.

We already find it hard to establish contact between one another these days and our egos control us.

We don’t want families and children anymore. We want to create a world in which each one feels comfortable. This means that I won’t need anything and that modernization will serve me. Drones will fly through my window, provide me with pizza and cola, and everything will be just fine.

Soon we will develop such technology that everyone will have an “oven” in his room, pizza will be sent directly by special pipelines, it will materialize there, and we will be able to consume it.

In short, we will do anything in order to somehow tear a person from his ordinary natural world and we cannot do anything about it since this plan is embedded in nature. But, thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we can picture what will happen in the future.

Very interesting things will happen in the future. We will suddenly discover that we have attained a level of development that depresses us terribly. Everything will be seemingly fine, but we actually won’t feel any pleasure at all and will not find any satisfaction in anything.

In the past, a person was satisfied just knowing that he would come home from work, sit with his family around the dinner table, and dine together. There were kids and there was the warmth of the family and peace. This was ordinary family life for a person, but when the ego grew, a person understood that this is no longer for him.

Interestingly, family life among animals lasts a very short time. After all, animals could also be subjected to a lifelong plan, but they are not! They meet, copulate, the female is generally left on her own to raise her offspring while the male abandons them, and there is actually no family. They do not live as couples after that and do not take care of their offspring together, except for a few species.

There are very few examples in nature where the male and the female stay together for many years, whereas people live in a family for a reason.

Psychologists explain that this is necessary in order to create an increasingly greater society in the form of a state. A person is drawn to that in order to develop from a small community into a big state. In a community, everything was done together and so there were no families there. Then, the need to have his own home and his own family emerged in man, differently from animals that live in caves or in the bush and don’t need anything more than that.

Today, it is not clear which phase we are developing into by rejecting everything that used to be typical for man including a home, a family, and children. We are confused and the family institution is falling apart. Grown children live with their parents since why should they leave home if it is so good with mom and dad? Or, they may leave their homes and not have any contact with their parents. This is the state we are in today.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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