How To Deal With Stress Effectively?

564Question: For the past 50 years, the topic of stress has been very relevant. In the process of self-development, people who try to improve themselves often reach stressful states of dissatisfaction and powerlessness. How does one deal with stress as effectively as possible?

Answer: Only through participation in the right communities that strive for good, mutual help, and mutual spiritual upliftment.

Only such an environment can give a person the strength to overcome any troubles and obstacles. A person should rise to this environment, invest oneself in it, and feel like a small cogwheel in it.

Question: In principle, in order to receive from this environment, one must give to others?

Answer: Exactly in the measure of bestowal a person receives.

Question: What is primary, what is secondary: first the bestowal, then the receiving, or vice versa?

Answer: It depends on the mutual relations between people. It is quite possible that a person comes into this environment as a newborn child, at first it gives him everything, and then he gradually fits into it and begins to mutually work with it. And it can be the other way around.

Question: Is there any formula for the existence of such communities?

Answer: Mutual giving without any criticism, verification, or measurement of who gives me what. The main thing is that I have the opportunity to give.

Question: Is it important to strive for this here? After all, it is difficult to imagine that people who will be able to implement this will gather.

Answer: Naturally. It is the highest management that gives us such an opportunity.

Question: So, when you have such an aspiration, can you count on help from above?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/12/21

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