From Discrete Comprehension To Analog

281.01Question: Can we say that individual consciousness functions at a discrete level? Is this more or less our world?

Answer: By changing myself at a discrete level, I receive additional discrete portions of information to this extent. As a result, this portioned information gives me a feeling of a field, not discrete, but analogous. The discrete level is like the steps of comprehension, and the comprehension itself is analogous when I feel this field by more and more, larger circles.

Therefore, if we talk about a person, then he enters this step by step, and if we talk about the very structure of the field—if it is possible at all to talk about what exists outside of us—then it is not discrete, but analogous.

Question: That is, my capabilities are discrete. Due to the fact that this field, as it were, enters me, then merging with it, I feel it as analog. Does it turn out that the light and the Kli (the vessel of the soul) are already together?

Answer: Yes because you open this field to the extent of your similarity to it. Therefore, there are no barriers between you and it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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