Why Was A Small Part Of The Book Of Zohar Revealed?

65Comment: Initially, The Book of Zohar was a commentary on the entire Torah, the entire Tanakh, and included everything.

My Response: Indeed, The Zohar commentary was written on the Torah, Prophets, and Holy Scriptures—on all three books, which are abbreviated as Tanakh. But only ten percent of this book has come down to us.

Why is the commentary only on the Torah preserved? I have not found an answer to this question anywhere. I think that for our generation, perhaps, more is not necessary.

Yet why did the authors of The Book of Zohar work so hard if after writing it, it was immediately hidden and only now a small part of it was revealed?

I think that because they wrote this book together, they were correcting the connection between the souls. After all, The Zohar is a whole system of connecting souls, like a program in a computer. When you write it you turn on this machine and the computer starts working in a completely different way according to its program.

According to this program, the authors of The Book Zohar launched a common connection of souls. Today, we only need ten percent of it to include ourselves in this program, in this right community.

On the other hand, I do not rule out the possibility that the remaining ninety percent will suddenly also be revealed, and we will find them somewhere, like the Qumran finds.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #12

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