Does the Creator’s Attitude Toward Us Change?

509Question: The Creator does not change His attitude toward a person depending on his actions. This is indicated by many sayings from Kabbalistic sources; for example: “I do not change My Name” (“Ani HaVaYaH lo Shiniti”), that is, I do not change the laws of nature.

What does it mean that the Creator is constant and does not change His attitude toward us? How can this be?

Answer: Initially, the Creator is a single property of bestowal and love for all His creations. Therefore, no matter how they change, His attitude toward them remains unchanged.

And although it seems to us that we can change the Creator’s attitude toward us by our actions, this is all only relative to our own actions because the Creator is in absolute goodness with respect to us, and that is all.

Nevertheless, Kabbalistic sources say that the Creator punishes us for some actions. But this is only so that we can improve, straighten up.

Question: It is said that the Creator wants us humans to unite and create a Kli (vessel) in which He can manifest. But if we don’t, doesn’t His attitude toward us change?

Answer: Of course it changes because we do not fulfill the program of creation. In other words, His attitude toward us changes according to our actions because we must constantly improve.

Question: So why is it written that it is permanent?

Answer: But His attitude toward us is absolutely kind and loving, and in this it does not change. That is, actions change, but the attitude remains unchanged.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/7/22

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