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963.1Question: You meet a great number of people. How much time do you need to make contact with the person you are talking to?

Answer: Practically I do not make contact with anyone. As a rule, the people I am talking to are my students with whom I discuss not only the issues they are interested in, but also the general issues of our enterprise, the dissemination of Kabbalah in the world, and so on. I do not need to find special contact with them, I just need to understand what they are talking about.

I have a very narrow circle of people with whom I communicate. Mainly our communication is that they ask for my opinion. In addition, I receive a selection of the most interesting materials from scientific or other sites. I take extracts from these materials, write my comment on them, and insert them into the blog.

My blog is designed for a wide range of readers. Of course, Kabbalah or what leads to Kabbalah and why we need it is covered there. But, in general, it is quite simple. It provides material on economics, politics, and teaching so that a person who enters it will receive general information as well.

My students who are engaged in the dissemination of Kabbalah or the methodology of integral education in all types of media also take material from there or simply read them to broaden their horizons. Blogging does not take much time a day, but still, I do it systematically.

In addition to working on Kabbalistic materials, processing and preparation them, I spend the rest of the time mainly shooting programs in our studio. They take three hours a day, in addition to the lesson. This is how my time passes.

I practically do not communicate with anyone else, I do not feel the need for it. What for? What does it give? Once upon a time, I engaged in receiving visitors. Dozens of people came to me every day with their problems.

I very rarely leave the house, go somewhere, or do something outside my office. This is my character, I have no need for it. Also, knowing in advance that this world, in principle, is a theater and vanity, I am not drawn to it, it distracts me. I have always lived and live now within myself; I am this kind of a person initially, even before Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Laitman’s Contacts” 2/7/13

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