Water Is a Force That Enlivens Nature

763.3Question: Water, according to some researchers, can be dead water or living water. That is, it can have a positive effect on the body if it contains positive information or it can also be dead if it is directed at hatred, destruction, or negative emotions.

Previously, researchers thought that it depended only on the water’s chemical composition: living water is an alkaline environment, dead water is an acidic one. However, recent research in the field of water and the discovery of the so-called information level in it forced researchers to go further. They came to this by comparing water with a blank sheet of paper, which can change under any influence.

Why is a “blank sheet” quality embedded in the water?

Answer: It is because water is the basis of our entire world and our entire life. It can change according to what it comes into contact with and at the same time, it is a common carrier of either positive or negative information.

Comment: Some researchers have established that molecules in water form clusters, regular geometric shapes in the form of five so-called “Platonic solids.” Since Platonic solids exist in all of the universe, water, by resonating with a vibrational sample of the same shape, can receive information and give it back again.

My Response: Water represents a certain force that enlivens, transfers, grows, creates, and therefore has such information. Naturally, this information is unrelated to the fact that water is in some reservoirs or pipes, cisterns, or tanks. Water inside the body or outside of it is no longer water but a force.

Speaking about the quality of water, about its essence, we can say that the entire universe is filled with this force, which is called “water” conventionally, but it is H2O. This refers to a special force that holds and enlivens all of nature. Even any inorganic nature should still consist of some rudiments of this information.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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