Water—The Basis Of Life

701Question: Why do we tie life with water? What is this special quality—water?

Answer: Water is the basis of life. It is an integral component of all substances and the main component of our body by weight, volume, and importance. In general, everything around us is basically a property of water.

Even on the Moon and Mars, we are primarily looking for water. This is very remarkable and significant because everything else is based on it.

The special properties of water include the freezing point, dew point, and boiling point. Thanks to them, life is preserved under the ice and freezing occurs in very interesting patterns.

Water contributes to health improvement. Since ancient times, special mineral waters for drinking have been known. Two thousand years ago Avicenna said that human health is directly related to the water one drinks.

In those years, when we were not yet so disconnected from nature and did not use various chemical additives, water was of great importance. Therefore, mineral waters were one of the most powerful means of healing a person.

We wash ourselves with water and this is how we introduce a new wellness program to ourselves because water carries a huge amount of information. We are all in the water. Inside the mother, the child is also in the water. Even the air around us is a certain type of water structure.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Secret of Life” 7/13/11

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