I Will Gladly Give Up My Place To Anyone

961.2Comment: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why,” said Mark Twain.

My Response: In general, yes. The first day is natural or else there is no one to turn to. And the second day is when a man is born out of you.

Question: And when did you understand why?

Answer: I think it was several years after I came to Rabash. It is not simple.

If we are talking about a conscious understanding of what man was created for—not about what it seems to him, but a clearly defined goal—then this, of course, will take many years. Five or six years.

Question: After you came to your teacher?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What did you understand?

Answer: I understood that I must realize myself absolutely and completely because He is waiting for it.

Question: And did you then realize what would happen today: so many students, so many spectators will listen and turn to you?

Answer: I do not see it now because I do not take it into account. Even if the whole world now gathers, turns on a means of communication and hears our lesson. What else can I tell them beside this? Only the method of bringing people closer to the Creator.

Comment: And it does not even occur to you: “Look, the whole world is listening, I have been working for this for so long! And my teacher wanted it so much!”

Answer: No.

Question: What is your attitude toward those people who listen to you, see you, and want to hear you?

Answer: I wish for their success so much, it makes my heart hurt.  This is important. And to each I would give up my place if it is closer to the Creator than his. Absolutely! I would just give everything right away!

Question: When there were 10 of us, did you feel that so many people would come?

Answer: Yes. But then we set ourselves this task and wanted it to be so.

Today I have no desire for there to be a lot. Today I have a desire more for the quality of our communication. So that all the students would connect with each other into one system and the Creator would begin to reveal more and more in it. And the rest will catch up. Today the work is on the quality of the central group.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/8/21

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