Beyond Death

294.3Comment: A quote from a letter: “My son died. He was my light, my life, everything. It is me who did not treasure him, I know. I just do not know how to live now. But I do not have the strength to die either.”

My Response: We must rise above life and death. This cruel and brief life that, in general, does not give us anything. We must rise above it and understand that we all go through a certain circle, a cycle.

And therefore, all our lives and deaths are included in one continuous movement. And the faster we go through the series of lives, the closer we are to the fact that we will be freed from this cycle and enter the absolute eternal life.

Question: Do you think that a mother who has lost her son will hear this?

Answer: Yes, she will. Because she is suffering and she will hear, only in this way and not another. We still need to gradually explain to people that there is no death, that these are cycles, transitions from one state to another.

Question: Suppose, her son disappears for her. Does he disappear?

Answer: But she carried him in her and gave birth to him from inside herself. So it is hard for her. But in general, there is really nothing in this. The connection is purely spiritual.

And our goal is only to rise above our animal body. There is nothing to be done anyway, and not only with her, but with everyone. With everyone!

There is no connection between bodies. Bodies belong to the animal level: inanimate, vegetative, animal. And the human level is connected only through awareness.

Question: Is it possible to realize that he exists, as it were, continues to exist? Is it possible to reach such a state?

Answer: Of course. Because everything that exists goes through all these four stages: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. And therefore, despite the fact that a person disappears from our perception, from our sensations, because the corporeal world is given only in our sensations, and even this is a pure illusion, everything else is already given in awareness, in understanding, in adhesion, and so on.

Question: So, in principle, only communication has changed? What they had physically is one thing, but now it has turned into something completely different?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If possible, can you sum it all up? What kind of state is it desirable that she enter?

Answer: To enter a state in which she feels a connection with her son through a spiritual state, spiritual adhesion, connection. Her spirit and his spirit. And nothing else. And in general, as if this world does not exist, it is all an illusion. Let this world be gone. You just have to imagine it this way. It is so easy, so good.

Question: So you kind of rise above this life?

Answer: You dismiss it altogether, this illusion does not exist.

Question: What is there then? What is there for her if she rises from this world?

Answer: Feeling, the inner feeling of a person. This is what exists.

Question: That she is connected to him?

Answer: Yes. This is the longing of the human heart. Nothing else.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/4/22

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