Limited World Perception

928Question: Does a person perceive only one percent of what surrounds us?

Answer: Even less than that. Imagine, there is an enormous number of waves around us and of these waves, I perceive, say, only green waves. From all the huge radio, ultra, infra, and no matter what waves, I perceive only the part that passes to me through the green part of the spectrum. And that’s it.

Also our egoism, from the vast number of objects, states, connections and everything that happens outside of us, comprehends only the part that it can perceive.

And it perceives only a small part. That is why, it is very difficult for us if we approach serious micro phenomena in physics and biology. We are faced with a condition where, based on this small part that enters our senses, we cannot understand and draw a conclusion about something completed, big.

And the further we proceed, the more we will lack data, even conceptually, not to mention the fact that we simply do not see 99% of the world that surrounds us.

As long as any researcher, be it a biochemist, physicist, researcher of human society or cosmos, no matter who, does not attune himself to a non-egoistic, independent of  self perception, and becomes an objective researcher, we will not perceive the rest of the vast part of nature that is in front of us, but is not comprehended by us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Human Genome” 7/17/11

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