Above the Natural Forces of Nature

761.2Question: Is there a difference in the definitions of God, nature, Creator, and the upper force?

Answer: No, there is no difference between all these names, titles, definitions, and restrictions. There is simply an upper force—one, the only one that exists, and there is none else besides it.

And we exist within it although we have a very clear feeling that we live by ourselves and have nothing to do with the Creator. And if He exists, He has nothing to do with us. In general, our relationship with the Creator, I would say, is very delicate.

When we want to explain everything created by the Creator, everything that gets into our senses, and apart from them we do not know what else is there, then we talk about nature as the Creator and about the Creator as nature.

But if we are talking about the beginning, the process, and the end of the universe, about his plans, then we must introduce into this nature some elements that are above the still, vegetative, and animate levels that exist in us.

And what is above these three levels, we must already associate with the upper force above them. We call it the Creator, who on one hand generates, supports, organizes, and fills the still, vegetative, and animate nature including us, and at the same time also raises a person, who initially belongs to animal nature, above this level, to the degree of Himself. After all, the Creator is at the next degree—above the natural forces of nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/22

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